2019/20 Festivals Implementation Program

2019/20 Festivals Implementation Program

Note: RTO7’s offer of the Festival Implementation Program for 2019/20 is contingent upon Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport approval of RTO7’s business plan.

The Festival Implementation Program is designed to help stakeholders who host well-established or regional/emerging festivals in BruceGreySimcoe to achieve at least one of the following:
1. Increase sustainability of the festival
2. Increase the quality of the festival
3. Expand or develop a new target audience to attend the festival.

(Please see program guidelines for definitions for well-established and regional/emerging festivals).

The program includes coaching, education and may provide $1,000 - $2,500 in social media advertising to promote the festival. To be eligible for funding, festival organizers must demonstrate at least a matching investment towards achieving one of the three (3) objectives stated above. Partners MUST provide copies of receipts to prove their expenditures with the final report.

Geographic clusters (i.e. downtown, municipality, event centre) are eligible for five (5) approved festivals annually. Each festival can receive $1000-$2500 in social media ads but each festival must demonstrate (by supplying receipts), how they have invested in their festival.

6-8 weeks lead time before the festival is REQUIRED.