2020/21 Operations Implementation Program

2020/21 Operations Implementation Program

Note: We are currently approving and actioning all Partner Programs. To date we have in excess of 50 projects that are currently being assisted through our Partner Programs. Expenditure of funds in Partner Programs is contingent on adherence to the Province’s Emergency Orders.

The Operations Implementation Program (OIP) is designed to assist BruceGreySimcoe tourism operators in their stabilization and recovery efforts from the effects of COVID-19 with social media marketing to promote their operations as part of RTO7’s COVID-19 Business Recovery Plan 2020/2021. Examples of eligible operational expenses that can be used to leverage marketing funds include property taxes, mortgage costs, insurance, inventory purchases, etc. The term tourism operator is defined as a consumer facing organization that has direct access to the consumer and relies on that consumer for their income.

Stakeholders interested in the Operations Implementation Program will be required to demonstrate the following:

● You have a Facebook PAGE and are actively engaged on the platform (i.e. post at a regular frequency and respond to comments within 24 hours)
● You must have current collateral (within the last 3 years); high resolution images and/or video that can be used in a social media campaign
● Your website must be up to date and reflect your current offerings, hours and contact information
● You must have a product currently for sale or be ready to open to the public once the state of emergency restrictions are lifted.

RTO7 will match your investment in operational expenses (i.e. mortgage payments, rent, insurance, inventory purchases, etc.) with a $1,000 (including HST) social media advertising campaign. You must be able to prove these expenditures by providing proof for the expenditure with the final report. RTO7 will cover additional agency fees.